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Mentor Meets Mentee

When two elephants collide, they say that it is the grass that suffers but when two elephants cooperate, what do you think will be the outcome?

Ogun Tech summit is set to partner with Cologeny as they prepare to offer premium mentor ship to Talented, enthusiastic and upcoming Creatives.

The first edition was a bang as the Mentees gave awesome reviews about how their mentors handled them and passed onto them a truck load of knowledge plus experience. In local parlance, “E choke”.

The rooster of mentors boasts of young and very successful creatives breaking grounds, conquering territories and pushing boundaries in various Creative sectors.

From Hussein Sanni to Stratis Kingston to Ishola Adebayo, the digital educator to Opetemi Adeyeye aka Opheez and Omogbolahan Oyafunke, the story teller,  this year’s edition promises to be very robust. The famous Omolara Dada is part of this elite team too as she shows the way in social media marketing and branding. Aminat Sanni-Kamal will be on deck to provide top mentor ship for writers and editors.

I heard through the Grape vine that more Mentors will be joining the rich rooster and it will only be an understatement if i said it will blow the minds of the Mentees for this year’s edition.

If you won’t be part of it, Please don’t keep this type of awesome opportunity to yourself.

Kindly share with friends and family, especially the ones who want to blaze the trail in the creative industry.

Meanwhile, if you want to be a part of this, kindly do well to begin to show interest by reaching out to us in the comment section or via our social media handles(Twitter and Instagram : @Cologeny)

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