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Who would have thought that wearing sunglasses and moving your hands and head in a very cool pattern would translate to being focused.

From the stable of the cruise arm of Cologeny, We have decided to put your focus to the test.

You are a creative and we can only motivate you to do the unthinkable.

It is time for you to jump on the focus dance challenge trend.

The task is very easy.

  1. Pick a very cool spot where you can make a 20 seconds video
  2. Get your sun glasses ready (Very important)
  3. Download the focus dance beat by hagman
  4. Watch the sample videos below
  5. Create your own video, promoting your skill, profession or product.
  6. Do well to add texts and images where necessary
  7. Post your videos on Instagram and Twitter, tagging @Cologeny

Listen and Download the Focus Dance beat by Hagman below :

Click to Download —- FOCUS DANCE BEAT By HAGMAN


Below are some Sample Videos that give a general overview of what your audiences are expecting :



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