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So, ElPhemo is busy curating a multi-million dollar deal for Apple and he’s using his browser to surf the internet. Boom, an Advert with Neymar showing off his dope skills comes on, he spends 40 minutes watching Neymar, then he gets carried away watching so many other football stars showing off their skills too. Soon, he falls asleep!!

Hmmm, deal ruined right. Well, thank God for Carphie and Nosa who saves the day. 

“Na Ad cause problem, just one Ad.” 

These days you can’t surf the internet in peace without getting random ADs that are tailor made for you, based on the data your browser collects. It’s one of the perks of being in a global village, where information moves from Asia to Africa in seconds. You searched for pizza so get ready for domino pizza ADs by force. 

The thing is that while ADs help generate income for the people responsible for the ADs, the ADs help to reach millions of prospects too but these ADs shouldn’t derail you from your primary tasks and objectives.  

ADs are very important for curators like ElPhemo who enjoy watching football stars that showboat but they might become big DISTRACTIONS if they aren’t limited. You can get hooked. You might just lose your next big deal because of an AD. 

Listed below are some of the ADs blockers I suggest you get for your personal computer:

1. Adblock plus

2. Adblock

3. Poper block 

4. Adblocker ultimate

5. Fair adblocker

6. Adguard 

Your mobile devices aren’t left out. 

Here are some cool ad blockers you can use to get rid of Ads permanently:

1. AdAway for android devices

2. 1blocker x for iOS devices 

3. Firefox focus for both iOS and Android devices.

Tempting ADs ‘gat’ nothing on you.

Block anything blockable to avoid stories that touch.

Your brand and reputation might depend on it.

Image: VPNStreamer via Pinterest

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