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Name: Alexander Adetayo

Creative field: Design (Branding and Art direction)

Brand Name: Creatae Visual Studios

Social media handles on IG (my brand page) and @alxndrtayo on Twitter

Favourite Quote: A logo is not communication, a logo is identification. – Sagi Haviv

Locations: Lagos, Abeokuta, and Abuja.

How has Cologeny helped you since you became a member? – I have learnt different views to
digital marketing, public relations management, managing talents, and branding as a whole (both
design and otherwise.)

How do you think the creative space in Ogun can get better? – It would be nice to have a partnership, with a workspace in Abeokuta, after corona eases in the country. I think it’d be beneficial for the
members, to have interactions and special offers like that.
Also, the management is consistently doing wonderful things for the community already, I’d like to thank them and advice that, we should not expect explosive results yet. Things like this, take time.

Oluwatobiloba Agboola

The Scroll's Editor-in-Chief

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