Why You Need an E-commerce Website as a SMEs

Tolani has been offering both goods and services to her prospective customers. She has social media accounts that help her reach more people about what she does. Though she has heard a lot about building an E-commerce website and how to use them to her advantage, she never quite understood it or how she could harness it. 

She decided to voice her concern to her dear friend, Halima, who had been in the entrepreneurial space for a long time and makes use of websites. Halima then thought to tell her reasons why she needs a website for her business. 

Here are a few reasons why;


An e-commerce website is very important for your business as it helps answer questions concerning the business; oftentimes, when customers hear your name, they would put up a search to know more about you. Yes, I know you will say you have a social media account(s); your social media accounts do not always give basic information about your business. Some potential customers won’t reach out to ask about your services, they would prefer to go to your website with the expectation of getting answers there. 

Additionally, your website can communicate fundamental things about your business that the public would like to have on hand.  A website’s ability to answer consumers questions is just one of the many reasons your website is important to your business. 


A website will easily tell people about your brand value’s; these include your style element, your target market, and important things that will determine if the client will stay or not. 

Also, business branding shows visitors that you are successful and established; this little information about your business can help you get new clients. 


A website should ideally capture leads of web visitors.  This is why having a website is so important for your small business. It also helps with having an effective digital marketing strategy

Distinct and strategic calls to action should be placed on your site’s landing pages. Structuring your site properly and placing CTA’s in the right places is the difference between a website that makes money and one that does not.


A lot of people in this technology age won’t trust a business if it does not have a website. People will doubt how legit your business is when it is without a website. Irrespective of what the business is into or how much revenue you rake in, getting a website is very important and necessary and you don’t have any excuse not to get one.   


Want to increase your business online exposure, build a website; this will help the growth of your business. For instance, when someone does a Google search for goods or products related to what you are selling or services you are rendering, you would want them to stumble on your page first, this is the part your website plays in your business.  


In today’s world where people are busy and a little lazy, they will want to wrap all their purchases on that same page and get over with it quickly. Your website can be a gateway through which your customers or clients can pay for the goods and services they need. So, all the things related to sales will be placed on your E-commerce website. The website can be designed and built to do all that. 


Your website is quite simply, proof of your existence as a business.  Without the powerful combination of a website and local SEO, your business would not show up online (or on Google maps!).  


 Through your website, you have 24 hours, 7 days billboards for your business. Your website is always opened for people to visit and know things about you. 


Your website should show people your Name, Address and Phone number.  Most people wouldn’t know how to get in touch with you or where to find you without the convenience of a page or two online.

Having a consistent NAP on your website and other channels is also great for SEO and will boost your listing in local results. Now, what’s not to love about that?


It has been predicted that mobile e-commerce will account for 54% of all online sales by 2021. It is more than important to have a website if you are a business owner in today’s day and age.  Without one, consumers won’t know you exist and you will miss out on lots of revenue for your business. I hope this article explains why an e-commerce website is important for your business.

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