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BLOCKCHAIN: Why you must use it. 

The energy surrounding the world today is the flash-kind of energy where tasks are achieved seamlessly and delivery of products and services is as swift as possible. 

If the service delivery must be optimized, the process of documentation and process monitoring must be optimized because it gives extra time to achieve more tasks. 

 When you spend 5 minutes and a competitor is spending 2 minutes to achieve the same tasks that you do, it’s easy to see where you’re losing time. 


The Good news is that blockchain is here to help you. 

In simple English 

Block chain means Records of transactions between two entities that can’t be tampered with once they are entered. So, it’s not necessarily rocket science since we do business with people every single day. 2 entities; myself and my customer. 

The ways this will help a business owner ranges from collection of payments in a secure manner to the settling of transactions in a very swift manner. 

This is why many banks are adopting blockchain technology in their processes because for millions of transactions occurring daily. With blockchain, settling discrepancies and issues can be done in seconds. 

Do you know that as creatives, blockchain offers you that sweet level of ownership rights to royalty distribution and transparency that you are craving. With a decentralized database for creatives, whenever it is accessed , a certain sum is paid to the owner of the content directly into a crypto-wallet.  Genius right ? That’s what the blockchain gives you. Mind you, you know who has accessed your content easily. Smart contracts are king in this area because there’s no need for an intermediary and the two entities involved get the maximum satisfaction with high level of transparency involved. 

So, you see why you must begin to start to adopt the blockchain as a business owner and most importantly as a creative. If you haven’t done this, feel free to start reading up on what the block chain is all about and how you can implement it. 

It’s very easy. 

It’s not just Bitcoin and Eth

It’s more. 

It’s BlockChain.

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