Everyone is getting too much on their dashboard recently, since the new world reality (the majority has turned to housekeeper-effect of ‘work from home’). Since no protest can be done to ask for 48 hours to make a day; how do we escape from the grim of running nut, yet produce our expected quota of the job?

In today’s world update, marketers’ jobs are mainly performed between the swipes, and cascades of our software applications. Between the ears, we carry out several operations at the same time, and running these on our applications, can be at times so frustrating and monotonous – from the managing of social media platforms, to optimizing blog posts, and creating quality content.

Pfft… But how do the outstanding marketers get it all done and also create enough time to learn new skills?

Quit your overzealous attempts of getting yourself into a mess, because of your oblique workflow. Seriously, you need to start boosting your productivity, with the aid of these 10 hacks.

1.  Centralize Or Be Destabilized

Save yourself from getting stuck in between the swipes of your software. You don’t have to overload your sanity with too much software – but why?

Literally, as far as marketing is concerned you are expected to move between apps, websites, calendars, programs, etc. For example, the image you need for your blog post is on Pinterest, then you need to find your way to your Google Drive to save the images. Oops, straight to your Google Doc to type your article then you use Wordable to migrate it to WordPress and so on.

Digital marketing as it is known has several tons of processes to carry out while running a program – in a scenario that you have more than… it is finished. Preferably, take your time in selecting just the necessary software for your programs. Time is money.

2. Tick tock yourself

Many times we are susceptible to be distracted by our gadget itself – pop up notifications we wish to reply, social media ish and all despite a given deadline. You want to overcome these temptations and successfully complete your tasks, set a timer. Commonly, when coming up with a scheme to run a program we are prone to be roaming in thoughts and subconsciously we find ourselves thinking about something else.

Disturb your problem by setting a specific and enough time to overcome it before moving life on.

3. Social Media Management Tools Liveth

Over the years, there has been a lot of progress in the accessibility to digital tools. Handling multiple tasks with ease at a go as a marketer could have been infeasible years ago.

With the aid of a management tool, you can run several tasks in one location and even schedule your post ahead the stipulated time – tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, Tailwind, etc

4. Email Checking Sucks

If I can ask, but why? This life is a pot of noodles – you don’t need it. Bruh, you have a lot on your dashboard but you are busy peeping on your mail app. Just thinking about how we love unnecessary things. Email is outdated and aging already – It’s nearly 50 years old.

Every time you stop what you’re doing to check your email, you lose focus on what you were working on. The average person needs 23 minutes to get fully back on task after an interruption. Remember, time is ticking. Your mails are going nowhere.

Also when returning a mail, don’t waste time on it. Be concise, sweet, and comprehensive in your dealings. Nobody is ready to be reading long long jargon – not even your boss or myself. With all due respect, this is just email.

5. Deadly Meetings

The research established the hypothesis that an average office employee spends over five hours each week sitting in meetings and over four hours preparing for them. Oh my goodness – this is a disaster. Equivalently, this is up to a full working day devoted to meeting.

The world has changed, we can do better. Instead of wasting time in the meeting, it is so advisable to use this period to do more emergent tasks. If there’s a need for any information being passed, there are many platforms that can be made use of.

6. Replace Humans – AI

Another means to boost the productivity of oneself or a firm is by enhancing the concept of Artificial Intelligence. In the time past, lead generation was so tedious and time-consuming – high time to be thankful for technology. Now, Chatbots has been designed to make the initiation of consumer interest feasible and attainable.

Digital Marketers are not expected to be scared of any error 504, it is authentic.

7. No Content Is Old

By now, everyone knows Content is Key. Content Marketing deals with being updated on trends, thinking about the next topic ideas, constant SEO keywords search, also coming up with valuable content. Going through this process all the time might be heartbreaking and deteriorating especially when tasks are much.

You can just restructure and re-package your past content to serve the purpose of the present. Even Nigeria’s political sector adopts this operative idea. wink*

8. The Productivity Hours

Personally, we have this specific time that our syndrome tends to be more active and attentive to detail – identify this period and schedule your most difficult and brain-teasing work to that time. It’s not everyone that will be productive throughout the day, so just cut the crap and do more at this “give-me-more” time.

By doing this, we will improve our chances of being productive and efficient.

9. Not A Bullying Zone

Whenever you’re stuck with a task, sleep there – the life of a loser. Sincerely, nobody is going to bully you if you ask for help. They do say “no one is an island of….”.

Most times, we waste the time we are supposed to use for other tasks to stare at one particular problem as if you are the cause of the problem. You either move on with your life (since you’re shy) or call a friend. Defer or Refer.

10. Perfection Is A Sin

A punishable one! Digital Marketing is not a secondary C.A.T that you are after scoring 30/30 – maybe you should give me my job back o. FYI, perfection is not reality.

As a marketer, you are eligible to make mistakes and the greatest mistake you will make is chasing after perfection which can end in jeopardy. However, being good and consistent as what you do is enormous and life-saving, though it takes time.

I’m so sure you are expecting this article to be valuable and full of shit you call perfection – I’m not Jesus. Remember I said something about protesting for more hours in a day, huh? But bro, there is enough time in a day to manage your tasks and programs yet get productive results. Too many swipes can wipe you away from better things. Start hacking!

Written by: Oni Joseph

Picture: Unsplash

Oluwatobiloba Agboola

The Scroll's Editor-in-Chief

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