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Creative Exposition (A Peek into The World of Creatives) – Oluwatobiloba Agboola (Tibex)

In this week’s episode of Creative Exposition, our focus will be on photography as we aim to understand it through the unofficial 4-year journey of Omotayo Tajudeen (@omotayo.ty @tayodepo @depography) even as we zoom in also on the official 10-month thrill.
Grab a pose and allow our shutter to give light to your understanding of photography.

He defined photography simply as “Writing with light but the tool with which you write and the font you choose to write in solely depends on you.” This definition doesn’t have a camera in it and that erases a myth surrounding photography that suggests that “The photographer with the best gadget in the room is the baddest (best)” So, creativity in this field isn’t about having tools but how best you can write with light.
As much as every creative harbour a form of fear in their heart, his own was initially about making money through photography but that changed to make an impact. He hopes to use photography to impact, inspire, and tell stories about people positively. His fear is now making sure that every image counts. That would explain why his inspirational quotes are; “My best photograph is the one I would take next” and “Excellence knows no tribe”.
Now, we wrap up with 5 facts about photography as stated by him

  1. The best lens you can ever get is your eye.
  2. The best camera you can ever have is your mind.
  3. The best tool in the world is the one in your hand right now.
  4. Photography is an art, not a science, and that means there is always room for individualism.
  5. Being composed is arguably the most important thing to learn about photography. It is the foundation on which every other thing is built.


Omotayo Tajudeen

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