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“There’s nothing new under sun”, there is an exemption — the Colossians. Each day, there’s something different to talk about. Be it Apollo or Paul, you’ll definitely be concerned with a particular discussion in a day unless you put your learning lifestyle on airplane mode. I just hope you got that, if not, na you know ohhh.

The week started with a creative infographic, regarding the deadliest tiny animal the world have ever experienced. In case you don’t know, it’s the family of mosquitoes since it was their week. May God save us all.

No lies, eyes dey see. A question asap. Does content creator, digital marketer, graphic designer, or even social media manager have the same job descriptions? This is really an issue that needs to be addressed with a legal punishment for anyone that says it’s the same. O wrong now.

As much as we want to believe in miracles, CAMA (Companies and Allied Matters Bill) is seeming like a scam to us. But really, if this law can be passed, it’s going to be a good news for every business owners. Well, the first Nigerian lady to transform to man without any surgical process, gave some important views regarding taxation — what do you expect?

Please don’t tell me that you don’t know the meaning of RSVP — aside from menu menu menu booking ohh. We don’t know where our children might reach, let me tell you. It means Repondez s’il vous plait. It’s a French word which is intended to confirm or respond to an invitation. For more wisdom, consult Google.

Unpaid advertisement of last week was that there’s going to be a Cologeny hangout (maybe something more) by September in Lagos and Abeokuta tentatively. You want to be part, join our community.

Truth be told, Uncle Bee is a banger. He dropped some bars live on Job Radio Nigeria and it was inspiring. COLOGENY is going places.

You say? You’ll rather choose the “babe, but my team is loosing” to Odunlade Adekola and Taooma. Leemao, the fact still remains that know what you want and the end result you want to get. A content without a face is invalid in marketing.

If you’re a Nigerian and you never have the notion that this country is a plot in a play, then you must be stoned. NAFDAC saying it costs 2 million Naira to destroy one container of Tramadol ke? Okayed.

Nevertheless, our Wednesday’s Wit for the week was released with no iota of sarcasm, ironically.

Also, a sincere question was asked by the Chairman last week, that who would the community want to see lead the community next month and who would be the Social media manager? Remember, this is a democracy. Las las, Nosa and Hadizah for CM and SMM respectively were elected.

For the culture, several job opportunities were posted in the group for anyone interested. In case you have any information regarding that, kindly contact us.

To the Sansa and Tife amidst us, a creative convo was organized tagged “Sustaining Valuable Relationships — how to maintain work life balance”. The rest na okutu meow. For your own peace of mind, join the community.

Till we meet again, keep scrolling the scroll.

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