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Hello dear reader, how are you doing today? How exciting is it to appear beautiful and take awesome pictures in amazing places?

When I was much younger, I believed that only the ‘Elites’ were opportuned to travel but the mentality changed all of a sudden. My first trip out of Abeokuta was in 2010, when I attended my cousin’s wedding in Lagos. Yes, the big city! It wasn’t so enjoyable because I was in a private car with my parents, sibling, and the person that drove us. I must say that travelling is all fun especially with the road-side attractions, the buying and selling, the shouting and bustling among all other things.

What makes you excited the most when it’s time to go on an excursion? For me, it’s the joy of travelling with my friends, playing, and having fun together. When you now find it hard to flow with the fun/discussion, you feel lonely and bored right? That was my case some years back. I didn’t know what it felt like to travel with people. I was always trying to be quiet when travelling but things changed when I started travelling often. There was a transition from being an introvert to becoming an extrovert.

What makes travelling fun again are the memories we keep from our experiences, the pictures we take, and the fun we have. I made it my priority to always go along with a phone, so I can take good pictures and upload them on social media but no one will see them because I do make them private pictures – just to keep the memories. Sometimes, I make sure I take pictures with any available photographer and get the hard copies so I can keep at home too, just for the purpose of remembering and believe me; I have a lot of pictures that are old but golden in my picture album.

These three things are what I’ve learnt so far, from my journey of being a ‘wakawaka’ girl because I’m now addicted to travelling and for every city I visit, I always make sure I make the best out of it by moving and having fun with people, learning about their cultures, trying their foods out and doing all other good things with them.

I believe you have a story to share from your experiences too, come on board, let’s discuss!

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