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Written by Oni Joseph

Like Yoruba movies, you might have had an idea of what the end of this content will look like, but you know Korean movies have the same storyline, but an incredible suspense with a mix of bugging banter. So, it’s better you don’t know too much, and start twerking to this edition full of entanglements.

As many do say, music is life, music has its charm over every moment, some even said music is a spirit (SMH). With this same belief and energy, quite a number of people decided to choose their love for some genres of music over others. Well, in case you don’t know the name of music genres that exist, let’s help your entangled life. We have Blues, Jazz Music, Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Roll, Rock, Country, Soul, Dance, Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Gospel etc — OK, this is not a music school!

Over the years, with the struggle in trying to push talented music artists in Nigeria to the world, and take over our rightful place in the music industry with succulent intakes — BET, Grammys, MTV etc; we had to indulge to the necessary incentives, by exploring to different genres of music, besides the afrobeat that we’re known for. Just as Falz sang in his song titled “Hypocrite”, many people are still filled with contempt towards the innocent celebrities, striving to make an impact with their endowment.

Well, not to sound like an uncircumcised Philistine (I’m a Bible scholar), I tried surfing the Internet for any song classified as “unholy”, just what I got:

” Picture ” (I attached a screenshot separately)

Subsequently, people that have proven to hate certain genres of music tend to start shaking heads or miming the song when they hear it being played — sincerely, I don’t have them on my main music library but whenever I’m in the mood to listen to them, I move straight up to my audiomack app.

“I’m holy, Rema is my favorite”, how come? Who is fighting with you if you’re holy or not? Just because you see it as being too canal doesn’t define it to be so. No genre of music is foul.

Each genre of music has a specific purpose behind its creation, you just haven’t found yourself in the position to listen to them. You know the same reason you’ll listen to Westlife, when your boyfriend broke your heart fatally, is the same reason you’ll play Travis Greene, when you want to appreciate God’s love (OK! This is not a sermon).

The purpose of this content; is to warn you that when next we make a post about music, and you didn’t click it because you are telling your brain that you’re holy (whereas you’re lazy), I’ll come to your dream and haunt you.

What has always been your view about music or have you been indifferent?

Thank you for keeping to your vow, not to disturb us with your eccentric skepticism. This is a memento personally from me to you. Bye!

Written by Oni Joseph

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