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Since time immemorial, migration has been a constant phenomenon across races and borders. As years pass by, civilization has come to be and so has a mode, and means of migration evolved. 

As it stands, there are locations/countries that are considered top choice(s) due to things like structure, and economic stability, amongst other things. In this article, we’ll be exploring a means to migrate to one of the choicest options available, as a tech professional. 

A few years ago, the United Kingdom launched an initiative to attract talents to fill employment gaps in the region. The formerly tier 1 exceptional talent visa is now known as the Global talent visa, which in the case of tech professionals requires the endorsement of a Tech nation to make migration happen.

Who Is It For?

The UK Global Talent Visa has provisions for professions like academia, arts and culture, and digital technology. The digital technology provision covers professionals working in tech-driven businesses, which means whether you are an accountant or lawyer, given that you work in a business driven by technology specifically offering a product, you are eligible for the global talent visa.

How It Works

The UK Global Talent Visa requires that you get endorsed through Tech Nation either as an Exceptional promise or Exceptional talent. This means that, as an exceptional promise, your experience through the documents you are required to submit exemplifies excellence, and contribution to all in your 0 – 5 years of experience, and 5 – 10 years of experiencoptoptionalnal talent, in a tech product-led brand. 

How To Apply

As I mentioned above, you have to be endorsed first by tech nation as it is the institution recognized for digital technology talents by the home office. You require some documents to get this done some of which include a valid passport to prove your identity, and a tuberculosis test result.

You first apply for endorsement through the tech nation, when you get a positive response, you then apply for the visa. The UK home government is the host of this process, so you have to visit the website to complete the process.

What does it cost?

The process is in two parts; applying for endorsement and a visa. At the endorsement stage, you pay €456 and pay another €167 when applying for a visa. You also get to pay for health surcharge of €624 per year.


So, Is the United Kingdom your migration destination? Are you working in a product-led tech company? Jump on this opportunity as soon as you can, whilst there is no deadline in sight yet, there is almost no offer as good as this. The barriers are very low, no salary requirements, you can change jobs as you desire and you can take dependants along too.

Compiled and written by: ‘Folu Ogunsilu

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