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ColoAppie (The New App Exposition) – Oni Joseph

Software: Universal Copy
Rating: 3.6

It is a free application for Google’s Android OS that is used to copy snippets from any app you’re using (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc)

The app was developed by Camel Corporation. Camel corporation is an Android developer located in Paris. Currently, it has 3 apps in Google Play and has been active since 2015. It has gotten about 4 million installs.

A social networking app.
Contain ads.

Usage is simple and straightforward.
1. Bring up the notification area on your device with the app that you want to copy text from open at that time.
2. Tap on the Universal Copy notification that is displayed all the time by default and tap on “Activate Universal Copy Mode” to use it to copy text.
3. This will launch the Universal Copy interface “around” the open application. All you have to do is to tap on the text that you want to copy.

Links to download:

Note: If you don’t copy text regularly, you may want to disable the extension and turn it on when it is needed

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