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By Temitope Olubiire

In the early stages of our life, our parents teach us how to cook and as we are growing up, we are learning new recipes everyday 

Regardless of how any of us come to know what we know, there are some mistakes we commit while cooking and we overlook them and sometimes , we do not preserve our ingredients in the right way. There’s more to learn! With that in mind , here are some of the most common kitchen mistakes and how we can make corrections.


  1. Killing your fresh herbs

If you are in the habit of keeping your fresh herbs in a polythene nylon/plastic bag in the refrigerator, you may likely get a bag of herbaceous brown slimy stems after a couple of days. Instead of using that method, you can remove them and dip their roots into a water jar. By doing so, you are prolonging the life cycle by keeping it fresh.

       2. Crowding your pan

In a bid to make our meals ready faster, we sometimes fit in a lot of plantains or any other food we want to fry into our pan but by doing that, we get a pan-full of soggy foods that doesn’t become brown. As we all know that the steam in our food needs to escape after frying, the reverse is the case when we don’t fry well.

       3. Refrigerating things that shouldn’t get too cold

Most times, we feel that the refrigerator is the safest place for preservation – but it’s not. Ingredients like tomatoes and potatoes suffer on the molecular level and lose much of their flavor and texture


I know some of us are like, “then what other methods 0f preservation do we now have?” Well, we won’t be dwelling on those here but I’ll love to learn from you also. Kindly state some methods you know in the comments section. I’m looking forward to reading from you.

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