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Food That Looks Like Food

By Temitope Olubiire
Am I the only one that loses appetite for the food I cook with my hands?
This has been something I thought I needed deliverance from because I didn’t seem to be understanding myself anymore but it all made sense when I finally decided to cook what looked like food.
It was 5am on a Monday morning and I decided I would be cooking so I stood up, switched on the light (we were fortunate to have light that very day) and entered the kitchen which is very close to my room. And as I started arranging the ingredients for the food, I heard a strange sound. Oh Jesus, what was that? I had to run back to my room but there was still a feeling of that thing following me . I jumped on my bed and covered my face with my pillow until the feeling left me and I went back to the kitchen to start my cooking. I started cooking this stir fry spaghetti and I was feeling myself on top of my head because the aroma was filling the whole house. I knew that because my brother came out of his room.
I saw the smile on his face and I asked; do you think I’m giving you out of this food? Just go back to sleep young man. He didn’t go ooh.
Not to make things long, I finished cooking and decided to serve myself but as I was trying to do so, I felt a strange movement around my neck so I ran into my room and left the food in the kitchen. My brother didn’t even wait for me to come out before he went in to serve himself and ate it after I angrily said I wasn’t hungry anymore. My people, I went back to the kitchen to find what had been disturbing me, lo and behold, it was a strand in my hair that decided to disturb my appetite. I got to know that after several trials of me removing the stuff. Oh what a pain!

Good food attracts great appetite. When you food is a food, you will feel like eating the food even when you are not hungry.
Ever since I cooked that food, my brother has always been respecting me and doing stuff I ask him to do once I bribe him with a plate of stir fry spaghetti. Isn’t that wonderful? I finally had the keys to his heart and now I’m entering anyhow. Lol.

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