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Written by Oni Joseph

For Just a Moment: I’m a hero

I don’t need to crack my brain so much to understand that; Man’s wants can never be met — unless, you had F9 in economics during secondary school days. Everyone wants to have a Lord that is a shepherd, so they can never lack anything, intuitively. Even our Nollywood films have lied to us regarding a lot of circumstances in life. For instance, giving us the notion that a poor guy will meet a wealthy lady in university, that will love and help him. But Nah!!! The guys keep shouting “life is not balanced”, the ladies “God when?”.

Thank God for film production firms like Marvel, HBO, Disney World, Universal, Paramount (please don’t bring Bollywood into this); they are the ones that haven’t let us lose hope, by giving us the extraordinary prospect of infeasible myth. I didn’t know Tom and Jerry were not real until I grew out of that stage — well, they still remain the hero of all times. Well, whether there are mutants, zombies, or people that have superpowers, I’m not sure for now. But please, we don’t want to snap out of that reality.

New Tom And Jerry Wallpaper HD Wallpapers Of Tom And Jerry

Now, just for one moment, let’s hope that these notions are real and existential. Let’s go with two scenarios and come up with proactive steps you’ll take:

(i) If superpowers were actually real, what potentials will you like to possess and why?
(ii) If zombies were real, what should you think you should be doing now? Remember, kill or be killed.
Don’t start thinking towards Nollywood’s plots, it will backfire. If you’d watched Extraction, you’ll understand that even an actor can die o.

Written by Oni Joseph.

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  1. Oni Joseph

    I’ve been patiently waiting for this post. First of its kind. I’m a hero, at last.

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