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Dear one, I write this letter to you to tell you different stories about love, the previous letter came as a prologue, as I hope that one day you either bend the knee or the knee is bent for you. This letter is a story about a ‘not happily ever after’ tale. I hope you get the strength to move when your heart is hurt.

“Right here in the
cold arms of the
evening’s embrace,
memories of the noon
will become stories I
intend to tell
the night.

Of ideas that
became poetic lines
as I searched through
my mind to send her the
perfect gift for the night,
it wasn’t going to be another
failed attempt at expressing my love.

I hope this time
she sees my words
through the eyes of clarity.
I hope she isn’t blinded by
her fear of dramatic men
that might want her to
live their scripts.

My mind is right there
in the presence of the past
when I first fell in love with her
unfailing beauty as bright as the
smile of afternoon’s sun.
She made a man frame
his deepest wishes.

If only she could see
what my eyes have set
their continued gaze on,
she would probably have
made this story have
a better ending.

Now, I’m stuck at where it all began…”

Stay strong, your ‘happily ever tale’ is going to be a beautiful one.

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