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Storytelling 101: Locked Up with a Story

Sugar and spice, everything nice, everything set but first, we’ll cook!

Earlier this month, we had a 2-day conference shop where one of the speakers, Blessing Abeng took us on branding as a great tool for your business. 

“Your customer is not always your consumer! Kindly take note of this!” she said. 

You don’t have to be a professional before you understand or apply the concept of branding. Proper branding doesn’t need professionalism, it just needs strategy and consistency. 

What’s the secret weapon you need to connect with your audience and grow your business? Storytelling!

Donal Miller wrote in one of his books: “Story is the concrete formula we can use to gather attention from otherwise distracted customers.” Do you have a story?

I remember when I started my business last year, I was always putting out designs thinking that was all I needed to do but I noticed there were still no sales. It got tiring and frustrating but I didn’t give up. I knew there was better way to tackle this and start making sales again. So, I thought of what best thing I could do and that was increasing my knowledge. I started learning more about Branding and marketing (I’m still learning though) but with the little I’ve learnt, I can tell you that storytelling has a very long way to go in your business!

According to Donald, the only thing your customers want is Clarity. What is this thing about what you’re offering? What problem is it solving? How can you use storytelling to attract your audience and turn them into customers?

Don’t put people into a confused state of trying to figure out what your brand is about! Most social media pages are filled up with lots of confusing posts which gets a customer confused because he has no detailed information about what your brand is about or what story they’re telling. 

Most times when we visit a website or a page, we tend to be confused because there is a lot of noise-making on the page. No orderliness, no theme, no connectivity with the posts, the images are just cluttered. Is there something you can do to make things right? Yes, there is and it’s just one thing. Tell a story to your audience! They are waiting to hear from you! 

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